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Our quality is from the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree, also known as “Purple Lapacho Tree” which – compared to the outer bark – is much more homogeneous and above all less dusty and sweeter in taste. Due to its pleasantly mild aroma which reminds a bit of vanilla or caramel this tea is very popular. It contains less tannic acid and no caffeine.


Koostisosad : Lapacho. Tähelepanu: alati tõmmata keeva veega ja lase tõmmata vähemalt 5-10 minutit!

Valmistamine: Pour only 1 tablespoon (approx. 10 g) per 1 l water into cold water and wait until it boils; let it boil for approx. 5 minutes and then brew for another 20 minutes.

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50g, 100g (-5%), 250g (-10%)


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